How to Run without Internet any internet TV

By | December 25, 2018

TVs can run on the Internet without any internet
When 4G data is lost in your phone Then you can not watch live TV and if live TV is also played on your phone, then it runs on a completely loose resolution. The quality of the video looks very bad.

Important thing

1. TV tuner and dongle can watch TV

2. E-commerce website meets TV tuner dongle

3. You can watch TV tuners and dongles on the phone by watching TV

On mobile phones, the user needs a TV tuner dongle to watch TV. You can buy it through online store like dongle e-commerce websites. You get it very easily, you get it between 1000 and 2000.
How does this dongle work

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– This dongle works on the singles of DVB-T. It works by connecting directly to the dongle phone.

– It connects to the charger port of dongle phone. Which we call micro USB.

This dongle has an inbuilt software TV which searches the channel according to the country. Through this device the user can watch free channels anywhere on the freezer. This device works only on Android smartphones.

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