Procedure of MBA admission to Study in USA

By | May 1, 2019
USA is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations among students. The country offers number of courses and majors to choose from as per the interest of the students. MBA is one of the most sought after program, and to get admission in leading USA B-Schools aspirants need to follow certain application procedure. The application procedure of most of the colleges in USA is different but major things are common. The application procedure of MBA program is not very complicated but requires the right approach and uniqueness in application.

There are some common things which almost all MBA colleges in USA ask for and look into a perspective candidate. Application form is first and foremost step to get admission in USA B-schools. This is first document which is required by any institute or university. So it is really important that students should take care of many things while applying to any MBA university Study in USA. The application for MBA should consist personal qualities, personal and academic achievements and many other important things which will make your application different from others.
MBA application form:

Before taking admission in universities, try to get all information well in advance so that you will not miss application deadline. 

There are two ways to get application form:
Send email to respective university to get an application form
Download the application form from the university’s website
Academic Record
Your past experience plays a key role in getting admission in MBA programme in USAuniversities. On the basis of your academic record you will get admission to study in USA. The universities in USA have their own marking system which is totally different from Indian universities. Many universities ask for official transcripts such as mark sheet of each college and university attended.
Standardized Test scores

GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are most important exams which are generally needed for getting admission in USA MBA colleges. TOEFL is generally taken by those candidates whose first language is not English and to prove their language proficiency they need to take this test. All students should attach their GMAT and TOEFL score card with their MBA applications. The minimum TOEFL score IBT based is 80 and minimum GMAT score is 650 which is generally considered by most of the MBA colleges.

Work Experience:
Most of the top USA Business Schools prefer students having couple of years of work experience. However, this is not mandatory. Studying MBA in USA requires minimum three years of work experience unlike any other educational courses.

Letter of Recommendation:
The letter of recommendation is very important for studying MBA in USA. It is statement of appreciation from people who know you professionally. The person giving recommendation should include his position, how long he knows the candidate and in what capacity. Writing a good recommendation is really important for application process.

Application Essay for MBA admission:
MBA application essay plays a vital role in MBA admission process. The application essay gives most significant impression of yours as an individual. It helps to discriminate your application from other suitable candidates.
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