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By | December 25, 2018

Selling products on Amazon, selling products, this is the complete process
E-commerce company can run their business sitting with Amazon. Today, we are giving you full information on selling the product as a business partner with Amazon.

E-commerce business in India is growing rapidly. According to a report, e-commerce has a market of around $ 16 billion in the current period in India. It is expected to reach its $ 64 billion level by 2021. This means that the market is going to increase 4x in the next 4 years. In this way, the commerce market has created many opportunities for earning in India. You can run your business with e-commerce companies at home. Today, we are giving you full information on selling products by becoming a business partner with Amazon.

The opportunity to become a cellar – you have to contract with the company for this. The company will place your product on its bayatite and after the sale, the money will be accessed in your account.

Become Amazon’s Sellers

(1) You will have to click on for this.

(2) Click on the service tab – here you click the service tab. Within this you have to click the sell-on-amazon tab.

(3) Register to do so – you will have the option of register. Here you can generate your account through name mail id and password.

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(4) Give your firm and company information – after this you will go to a new page, where you will have to fill a company related to your company and account.

(5) A small interview and made cellar- After filling some more important details, you have to give a small interview with Amazon. After this you will have a dashboard option. Here you upload your luggage and start the business.

After making a sale, sell your products
(1) First step: List the product on After completing the registration process, you can list your products one by one or in bulk. You only have to upload items in bulk with web based tool and you will be ready to sell.

(2) Second step: Customers will see and buy your products – After listing your products, millions of customers can view your products on Shopping will make shopping and payments easier for Amazon products.

(3) Third step: Allow us to deliver or you deliver yourself – Amazon will provide you with e-mail that the order has been taken for your product. All you have to do is pack your product and get it to the customer. You can take advantage of Amazon’s Fulfillment Service and Amazon Easy Ship or FBA. Where Amazon will deliver by product packs.

For the 10th pass, there are millions of jobs, 12 lakh crores this industry

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